Hoist Fitness HD-3100 Preacher Curl/Triceps Extension [Brand New]

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The HOIST Preacher Curl/Triceps Extension with its bi-directional arm and multiple range-of-motion adjustments allows for performance of both biceps and triceps exercises all in one machine. Multiple grip options and seven seat adjustments for varying user heights also comes standard with this machine. The HD-3100 is part of HOIST’s HD Dual Series line, offering a comprehensive solution for fitness facilities where space, budget or both are at a premium.

  • Bi-directional arm allows performance of biceps and triceps exercises in one machine
  • Seven seat pad adjustments for varying user heights
  • Multiple range-of-motion adjustments for both exercises

Available in the following upholstery colours: Black, Slate Grey, Dove Grey, Burgundy, American Beauty (Red), Wheat, Suede, Blue Ridge, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Hunter Green.

Additional information

Weight216 kg
Dimensions1290 × 1231 × 1400 mm


Maximum Training Weight (kg)


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