Hoist Fitness CL-3408 Standing / Prone Leg Curl [Brand New]

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The new CLUB LINE from HOIST Fitness offers a smaller, quieter option to club owners looking for more space in their facility with the premium equipment that only HOIST can offer. With no guide rods or selector pins, the Club Line’s Slide Select System has fewer friction points and a smooth, quiet function. In addition, the Slide Select System has a solitary weight system allowing for adjustment in five pound increments on the two hundred and three hundred pound systems.

  • Adjustments allow for standing and prone leg curl variations
    with ability to do unilateral or bilateral in the laying position
  • Self-adjusting roller pad
  • Stablizing grips for both standing and laying variations
  • 200 lb weight stack

Available in the following upholstery colours: Black, Slate Grey, Dove Grey, Burgundy, American Beauty (Red), Wheat, Suede, Blue Ridge, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Hunter Green.

Additional information

Weight249 kg
Dimensions1350 × 1080 × 1230 mm


Maximum Training Weight (kg)


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