Mi7 Smith/Functional Trainer

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The HOIST® Fitness Mi7Smith Functional Trainer is a completely innovative home gym from the strength industry leader HOIST Fitness.
The Mi7Smith maximizes space by combining the MiSmith Dual Action Smith® with the Mi7 Functional Trainer with a walk-through design
to deliver a sleek and efficient home gym unlike any other. With patented technology, the Mi7Smith is engineered to provide a wide variety
of features to maximize your exercise options.
On one side of the Mi7Smith, the MiSmith Dual Action Smith® features revolutionary patented technology that produces a simultaneous
horizontal and vertical bar movement, providing the benefits of free weight training with added safety and stability. Walk through to the
other side of the Mi7Smith and the Mi7 Functional Training System features dual Silent Steel® weight stacks with 360 degree rotating
columns for completely free range of motion. Patented Flip N Grip™ grips offer five pull-up/chin-up variations and patent-pending Flip N Dip™ grips offer both narrow and wide dips


Designed with premium quality in mind, the Mi7Smith includes unique features
also found on our popular commercial products
• Patented Flip N Grip™ technology provides 5 pull-up grip options, including rock grips*
• Patent pending Flip N Dip™ technology provides narrow/wide grip dips*
• Silent Steel® weight system eliminates metal to metal contact
between plates and guide rods for a smooth, quiet motion
• Commercial quality components including linear bearings and
shafting for frictionless guided motion
• Polyurethane covered rack outs for silent racking and protection of bar
• Non-marring feet to protect flooring

• Adjustable Core Stabilizer Pad
• Streamlined design to conceal most hardware from view
• Compact, walk-through design requires minimal floor space
• 360 degree rotating columns with a patent-pending Integrated
• 28 pulley adjustment points per column allow for sides
to be used independently or together
• Integrated bottle holder and accessory rack offer convenient storage
• Adjustable tablet/mobile device holder
• Adjustment System and Quick Release one-handed accessory connectors
• Split Weight Cabling™ delivers 50% resistance to the pulleys
for increased cable travel (114” with strap handles)
• Standard 150 lb (68 kg) weight stack per side (quantity two) (upgradeable)
• Ultra-Light Lifting System™ that reduces Smith bar weight to a mere 30 lbs
• Adjustable safety tiers on Smith
• Racking tier index numbers highlight tier levels on the front of machine

• Three Square-Ring Adjustable Strap Handles (one pair)
• Dual-Attachment Long Strap
• Padded Ankle / Thigh Strap
• Dual-Attachment Ultra-Light Aluminum Long
Bar with Revolving Attachment Points
• Ultra-Light Aluminum Curl Bar

Additional information

Weight446 kg
Dimensions2330 × 2100 × 2120 mm