Intenza 550RBe2+ Entertainment Series Recumbent Bike [Brand New]

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The Intenza 550RBe2+ Entertainment Series Recumbent Bike has the Heaviest Construction in the Industry which Ensures Stability, Strength and Durability.

Engineered with a step through design which creates a very low profile seat and frame, the 550RBe2+ eliminates the need for users to lift their legs when lowering into the seat, placing less stress on the back, neck, wrists and elbows. Ideal for those with limited mobility.


Endurance with Silky Smooth Operation

Endurance is essential for exercise equipment as well as it’s users. The 550RBe2+ has the ability to perform in heat, humidity and repeated use hour after hour, day after day. That’s endurance. That’s value. The robust structure features:

  • Hybrid generator and belt driven system provide consistent performance, smoothly and quietly.
  • Bottom bracket assembly with precision scaled ball bearings sustain exceptionally smooth performance.
  • Aluminium components preserve the premium look by resisting rust and corrosion.


Intelligence – InCare TM

The best brands are those with the best customer service. Scheduled maintenance, software updates and service needs are addressed promptly and accurately. The 550RBe2+ automatically alerts Intenza’s InCare TM online service team when attention is needed and a built in self-diagnostic tool takes the guesswork out of identifying maintenance needs.


Easy to Learn

Exercisers want variety in their workouts and they also want equipment that is quickly understood and easy to use, where the learning curve is low and their confidence is high. The 550RBe2+ is the ultimate in ease and comfort for users. The recumbent’s back seat provides ergonomic lumbar support and is made with a highly breathable mesh finish keeping you comfortable and well ventilated.


Easy to Enjoy – Exciting and Invigorating

Beat biking boredom with:

  • Intuitive, full colour, 16″ touchscreen integrated TV that operates like tablets and smartphones, providing exceptional viewing quality.
  • 40 levels of resistance.
  • Race programs offering fun challenges racing against existing champions in 1, 2 or 4 Km races.
  • 7 custom user programs can be saved to USB for future use on any Intenza cardio machine.
  • 6 preset programs: Hill, Interval, Weight Loss, Cross Train, Step by Step and Strength.
  • 3 target programs: Time, Distance and Calories.
  • 4 heart rate control programs in constant power mode.
  • Quick start option.
  • Telemetry heart rate monitoring system allows polar compatable chest belts to wirelessly interact with the monitor
  • Handlebars equipped with contact sensors also providing digital heart rate readings.

And you can enjoy your own music, movies, TV or internet while working out.


Unique OptiTrain TM Feature

The Intenza 550RBe2+’s revoutionary OptiTrain TM bike mode feature allows users to workout at a fixed level regardless of pedal speed.


Elite Biomechanics

The seat adjustment precisely andgled and 1/2″ incremental seat position allows users from 4’9″(147cm) to 6’5″ (193) to adjust the seat for ergonomically correct lower body biomechanics to reduce pressure on knees and back and enhance rider comfort. Intenza bike seats are designed to adjust easily using only one hand, left or right in a seated position.


Industrial Grade Construction

This powerfully built machine ensures long term performance and function.



The 550RBe2+ recumbent bike is equipped with sturdy wheels to allow safe and easy relocation.


USAGE Commercial (and Domestic)
CRANK 3 Piece
PEDALS Ergonomic – Oversized with grip and integrated straps for quick adjustments
FLY WHEEL Rear Drive
CONSOLE TYPE Intuitive, Full Colour 16″ Touchscreen TV
HAND PULSE Grip and Telemetry Enabled (Polar)
PORTABILITY 2 x Transport Wheels

Acessories Shelf

User Custom Settings

Ergonomic Handlebar

Water Bottle Holder

C-Safe Connectivity

InCare TM Online Service

OptiTrain TM Bike Mode

DIMENSIONS 160cm x 70cm x 124cm
WARRANTY 3 Years Parts
2 Years Monitor
1 Year Labour

Additional information

Dimensions 1600 × 700 × 1240 mm



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