Intenza 550Ci Interactive Series Escalate Stair Climber [Brand New]

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The Intenza 550Ci Interactive Series Escalate Stair Climber sets a New Standard in Stair Climbers with it’s Smart Step – Height Feature Offers the Broadest Range of Options for All Fitness Levels and Ages

With the unique Uni-Dial™ navigation control, the Intenza Interactive Series Escalate Stair Climber allows users to access all workout programs with a simple turn and press of a dial, users get easy access to a variety of workouts instead of just quick start.


20 Different Step Heights

Featuring a spectrum of 20 different step heights, from 10.4cm to 19.6cm, the Stair Climber can be fine tuned for joint flexability, rehab, from easing back into a training routine to pushing maximum physical limits for elite athletes. Variations in incline, speed and exercise settings allow for a training experience that is more versatile than any other stair climber has been able to offer.


InCare™ Customer Support

The proactive machine provides diagnosis via WIFI connection, allowing real time updates and alerts. InCare™ is designed for facility managers who require hassle free fitness equipment maintenance and repairs. The e Series console delivers unique solutions through InCare™ Self Diagnostic Software which automatically alerts the InCare™ support team when attention is needed. There is no guessing the nature of the service needed for the The Intenza Entertainment Series Escalate Stair Climber InCare™ software literally tells you what needs to be done. Service reports can also be downloaded via USB.


Easy to Read Display Console

Featuring a large LED dot matrix display and 18 character LED message centre, the console provides all needed workout information.Incorporates InZone™ heart rate training which delivers different colour feedback to help users effectively optimise their workout efforts at their target heartrates


Outstanding Workout Options

Fitness for all with a vast selection of workouts including;
Race, Fitness Test, HR Programs, Custom Programs, Pre-Set Programs, Target Programs and Quick Start.
The Intenza Interactive Series Escalate Stair Climber opens up the world of climbing exercises to users at every fitness level.


USB Connectivity and Custom Settings

When the USB is detected, users can customise the following;
(1)Display Unit, (2)Age, (3)Gender, (4)Weight and (5)Buzzer. The smart technology will automatically prioritise personalised settings and the workout routine with USB login.


Ergo Bar Control Centre

The Intenza Interactive Series Escalate Stair Climber features a manual stick shift for speed, stap and height adjustment at an easy access position during the workout and has easy to use hot keys for increasing or decreasing speed, step and height quickly.


Spaciously Designed Cockpit

The Intenza Entertainment Series Escalate Stair Climber is superbly engineered with a spaciously designed cockpit for comfort and convenience, with 2 large holders for water bottles and accessories storage. Ergonomically designed handlebars with support for maximum comfort in different positions.


USAGE Commercial (and Domestic)
RESISTANCE 20° – 40° Incline Range
SPEED RANGE 16 – 180 SPM Range
Step Up Height : 31cm
Stride Length : 26cm
Step Width/Depth : 54cm
HEART RATE MONITOR Yes, and Telemetry Enabled
CONSOLE TYPE Large LED Dot Matrix Display
CONTROLS UniDial™ Controls
DISPLAY Distance, Speed, Time, Calories, Watts, Pulse and RPM
WORKOUTS 3 x Race, 2 x Fitness Test, 4 x HR Programs, Custom Programs, 10 x Pre-Set Programs, 3 x Target Programs and Quick Start
PORTABILITY 4 x Transport Wheels

User Custom Settings

InCare 2.0 Online Service via Internet

Auto Stop

Accessories / Water Bottle Holder

Safety Stop Sensor

Smart Energy System

DIMENSIONS 193cm x 86cm x 213cm
USER HEIGHT RANGE 147cm to 193cm
2 Years Mechanical / Console / Labour
1 Year External Device Connectors / Wear Items

Additional information

Dimensions 1930 × 860 × 2130 mm



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