Intenza 450Ti2S Interactive Series Treadmill [Brand New]

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Intenza 450Ti2S Interactive Series Treadmill

Engineered to strike a balance between performance, power, size and stability this intuitive machine is designed for intense and focused training.  Compact yet capable, the 450’s running deck is optimised to meet the needs of runners seeking longer strides.  And, adding architectural elegance to its dramatic look, Intenza’s 450 Series Treadmill delivers visual information through surface materials affording haptic perception: function coupled with touch-sensitive surfaces that enhance the user experience. Spaciously designed cockpit for your comfort and convenience.


Interactive i2S Console

Synonymous with function and value, the beautifully proportioned Intenza 450 i2S Console is designed for training with purpose and clarity.  With a simple and intuitive clean, white LED backlit user interface, comprised of three buttons, Intenza’s precision Uni-Dial™ puts users front and centre to offer complete access to features at all times.  Encased in laser etched aluminum, its anti-slip beveled sides deliver unrivalled functionality and control during workouts.

Uniting muscle with finesse, the 450 i2S gives you the familiar tactile feel of the Intenza experience through use of premium materials and detailing; but when your focus is pure training its aerodynamic functionality coupled with all-terrain programs offers an unrivalled practicality.

Recording error code information directly onto the console, Intenza 450 i2S maintenance needs are evaluated on-site by service engineers, or recorded and sent by email directly to Team Intenza Customer Support who will offer a solution.


Uni-Dial Navigation Control™

Control provides straight forward access to all workouts and programming. Simply turn and press a single dial. Users have a complete understanding of the console after only a few minutes of exploring it.



Intenza treadmills compliment the natural motions – and emotions – of the person using them. Personal space matters and the 450Ti2S protects personal space, allowing exercisers to to get into their zone and stay there thanks to the comfort and convenience of it’s spaciously designed running surface and cockpit area. Streamlined motor cover design offers unobstructed room for comfortable running at any pace. Conveniently placed accessories holder for portable music players and mobile phones.


Ergo Bar Control Centre

This innovative feature uses an instinctive stick shift to adjust speed and elevation without the user breaking stride. Adjustment at an easy access position during workout.


Water Bottle and Accessory Shelf

These features provide a convenient and secure space to keep personal items neatly stored within reach. Dual water bottle holders support 1 litre water bottles.



Engineered with transport wheels for easy relocation. Also featuring stabilizing legs for a level placement on any floor.


USAGE Commercial and Domestic
MOTOR 4 HP Industrial Grade AC Motor
SPEED RANGE 1 – 25km/hr (0.6 – 15.6 mph)
RUNNING SURFACE Reversable, Wax Impregnated Mat
56cm x 155cm (22″ x 61″)
CONSOLE TYPE Large, Backlit LED Screen
UNI-DIAL™ Complete access and control of user interface features and settings with the convenience of the Uni-Dial™
DISPLAY HR, Incline, Pace, Time, METS, Calories, Distance, Speed, Workout Summary, Workout Profile
INTERVAL KEYS Ergo Bar “Stick Shift” Control Centre
HAND PULSE Grip and Telemetry Enabled (Polar)
STEP UP HEIGHT 27cm (10.6″)
CUSHIONING Elastomer Shock Absorber
PROGRAMS Fitness test determines individual’s fitness level based on VO2 max standards

Test method includes Walk, Run and IPPT

Quick Start is a manual workout

10 Preset programs: 4 Walking Hill, 4 Speed Interval, 2 High Intensity

3 Target programs: Time (10-99 mins), Distance (1-99 km), Calories (10-2500 Kcals)

OTHER FEATURES Power Saving System

On the Fly

Safety Tether and Key

Dual Large Water Bottle Holders

Reversable Deck

Auto Stop

Accessories Holder Tray

Emergency Stop

Transport Wheels and Stabilizer Legs

DIMENSIONS 215cm x 96cm x 154cm
WARRANTY 3 Years Parts
1 Year Labour

Additional information

Dimensions 2150 × 960 × 1540 mm



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